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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Earning huge profits in long run is not a easy task in Forex. Many people lose tons of money in this trading system. Foreign markets are very volatile. Therefore people engaged in this trading system should be very alert and updated with the market movements. Being an active trader, I am suggesting some profit mantras which I gained by my own experience.

Profit Mantras

  1. Knowledge is must: good knowledge is very essential before trading. Understanding of subject, terminology, financial market behavior, current trends, foreign news are must for the trader.
  2. Knowing currencies well: currencies are traded in pairs. So it is very important to understand the impact and relationship among both the currencies.
  3. Risk Management: take risk only when you are prepared. Risk and return are the two sides of coins. Better management of risk will fetch better results.
  4. Read, learn and trust trend charts: gaining information and following trend charts can help the trader to earn huge profit. It is always advisable to stick with the trends as the currencies mostly follow a similar pattern with minor fluctuations.
  5. Deal in common pairs of currency: for a beginner it is always safe to trade in common currencies as the proper information is available. Uncommon currencies are very volatile and sometimes do not follow the past trends.
  6. Learn from the past experiences: always try not to repeat the same mistake and remember the mistakes done in past. Experience will make trader confident and will help him to understand market well.
  7. Avoid unknown Forex trading strategies: trader should not involve in these strategies which he does not understand.

Thus, there is no full proof strategy to stop loses but by following the above mantras trader can certainly avoid some of the loss. So friends all the best........


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