Rumours Of Iran Euro Sales Heigtens the USD Currency

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rumors from Iran Central bank said that the management had decided to diminish EURO reserves to 20-25 percent from 50 percent and then convert the euro currency into the Dollars and Gold. It is also heard in the market that the sales of the first stage is begin and its target seems to be 15 billion was expected to be finish off till the end of September. EUR 45 billion is expected amount for the whole sales. Iran is expected to reduce its cost of oil sales in euro. While buying seems to be low and USD stays tight against all the major currencies of the Forex online trading market. Prime Minsiter of Japan has announced its resignation leads to the Japanese currency Yen in the soft order in the market. This announcement of resignation is just come before week and now the currenct finance minster of Japan is the successor as the market expects for the chair of Prime Minsiter.

According to the report presented by the Challenger, Gray the US planned to dropped layoff early makes a fall of 65 percent in the month of May where as eurozone PPI rises to 0.9 percent mom. Aussie GDP reaches to a high of 0.5 percent qoq and 2.7 percent yoy in the first quarter of this year that is 2010. While Swiss retail sales rises to 1.3 percent yoy in the month of April. Monetary base roses to 3.7 percent yoy in the end of the may month. Although the Japan currency is not going as good because of the political uncertainity where as apart from this the US currency is gaining as the demand of risky assets rose.

We have seen that the currency pair USD/JPY reaches to the high level of 92.36 first time after the eigteenth of may where as the currency pair EUR/JPY reaches to 113 level as anticipated in the market after the recovery of the US labor market. In the market rumuors are going on about the next leader of Japan that was expected to the current finance minster will take the vacant position of the Prime Minster of Japan that ultimately leads the Yen currency to lag behind in the market from some past days. Th finance minister of Jpana suggested the BOJ to do not look steady at the market try to fight against the deflation to stop it. While rise is seen in the Asia Pacific of 2.4 percent and the Nikkie embedded the goodness in the stocks by rising 2.46 percent more. The stocks seems to be rebound and also triggers the risk appetite because of the japanese investors amendment foriegn bond net purchases to the most expected till the month of September.

There was a advancement shown in the currency pair of AUD/USD that seems to be rises to 0.5 percent and the currency pair NZS/USD rises to 0.4 percent in the consecutive second day at the Forex market. This is all due to the strong economic data that comes from US while the Aussie demands for the risk appetite. Where as the trade balance of the Australian trade adds the surplus in the month of April as there was a high jump shown in the iron ore exports that is of 25 percent more from the past, coal shipments rises to 40 percent more where as the exports also rises to 11 percent as comapred to the April month. RBA has forecasted that the boom of Asia srocks may lag the Australias's trade in the coming time.

The currency pair EUR/USD seems to be in good path as it seems to be rises from 1.2111 to 1.2281 on first june. It gets the support from the stocks rise in the starting of this month. While as about the US economy it was predicted yesterday that the US comapnies are ready to launch 70,000 jobs as the intial jobless came fells to 455,000 from the previous 460,000. In this week there was a meet fixed between the Finance minsters with central bankers of G20 in Bussan that was in South Korea which decides about the current situation of EURO debt crisis. The currencty finance minster of Japan mentioned in his one of the interview that the european debt crisis leads an adverse effect on the Global economic growth of the country merely because of the leading trading countries that is China, india and Brazil are still ready to fight against the deflation as they are robust enough.

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Risk Appetite Lifted Up By Strong Economic Data Of US

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In US session as the risk appetite is lifted up by the strong economic data of US that makes the USD to get reversed earlier in the Forex online trading market. It is seen in the market that the manufacturing index of ISM is dropped to 59.7 point from the high level of 60.4 in the month of May. but, it can be said that it seems to be better than the expected rate of the market. Also it gets the achievement of the expansion reading steadiness from the ten consecutive months. since May 2004 it was noticed that the employment component details are also solid and now the details reaches to the high level of 59.8 which provides a ray of hope to the non-farm payroll reading. There was a solid increment is noticed in the exports that is of 62 level, it is the highest level seen after December 1988.

There was a rebound is seen in the DOW and crude oil after the mid-day that is the DOW drops-down to 10038 level where as the crude oil seems to fall to the 71.64 level. USD index got the resistance at the level of 87.46 where as it rebounds after reaching the low of 86.5. Sterling was the biggest hit of Yesterday as it reaches to the highest level because of the fall of the Asian AIG Prudential's takeover. This news not only boosted the Sterling but it also favors the UK stocks as the rise is also seen in the stocks. The UK rise also supports the pound. As we have noticed from the past 16 years PMI manufacturing data remains unchanged from the high level of 58. There was a rise in home prices of 8.5 percent is shown in this year earlier and it is also said by the experts of the market that it is the first time from the past September 2007 a fastest pace is seen in the home prices.

EURO gets a hit in early yesterday as the ECB presents its financial report which acknowledges that the banks are already made a significant improvements as per their financial condition. But still there are 2 important factors that may hurts the financial stability of the market. The first factor is the intensification of public finances and second is the possibility of the obstinate between the public finances and financial sector. These two factors is expected to cause a disorder in the financial situation of the market. Unemployment rate of euro zone countries seems to rise up by 12 year high where as Germany unemployment falls to 7.7 percent in the month of May. While there is a rebound shown by the euro after getting support from the stocks.

Bank of Canada rises the rate yesterday from 25 bps to 0.5 percent as it was the first G7 Central bank that have tighten their policies after the recession period. As this was expected by the market earlier times. The euro zone debt crisis leads to the uncertainty in the market but we have to remain cautious about the Global economic market after the rate hike of 0.5 percent. In early times the RBA makes the decision to hold its rate hike because of the continuous fall of euro currency due to the sovereign debt crisis. RBA only mentioned that the current monetary policies are decorous can bring rate hikes to an average situation. RBA has taken a "pause" from the May month but at that time it was predicted that it will give some good results for June hike but after observing the current situation the RBA again takes a decision for a pause in rate hike.

Dollar index sharp rebound of yesterday suggested that the combinations are still in the progress to reach a high of 87.46. The investors are still expecting the resistance hold at the level 87.46 and expected to again reach the high of 89.62 that was the high of 2009 year. GBP/CAD also rebounds and reaches the level of 1.4831 is now resuming. This rise is seen in the currency pair due to the strength gained by the Canadian Dollar and the support given to the pound from the stocks. These all things supported the currency pairs to rebound from their lows and reaches to the high position in the Forex market.

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Strong GDP Growth Rate Strengthened Canadian Dollar

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Yesterday was the day of goodness for the Canadian Dollar since morning because after the release of GDP growth rate report in the market a drastic change is seen in the Canadian Dollar index chart that is it seems to be rises up after the past day lows of the Forex online trading market.

GDP growth rate rises up to six percent that is beyond the expectations of annualized rate. As we have noticed that it grows up to 0.6 percent in the month of March as compared to the Feb. growth rate that is of only 0.3 percent.

It was anticipated in the market that the Canadian Dollar is expected to rise up until the meet of BOC members that will be held today. The market is expecting that the BOC will be the first G7 Central bank that begin the tightening in the market.

Fed will hope to "maintain its accommodate policies of exit" as mentioned specifically by the Fed Chairman Bernanke in mid term of this year. But it is also correct that timing of exit may differ in the countries as their economic conditions may vary among different countries.

The major question that is still in the mind of the EU members are "how the euro zone debt crisis ends will affect the economy of the country that will persist the fact that how to respond" is specified by the Philly Fed Plosser. Since some members was expecting that the economic debt crisis will embed uncertainty in the outlook of the economy.

In May month there was a sudden growth seen in the PMI of Japan and it reaches to 54.7 percent. The industrial production in Japan leads to grow up at the rate of 1.3 percent mom where as it was 25.9 percent yoy in April month.

There was a drop also shown in terms of economic confidence and services confidence that is of 98.4 in the month of may and services dropped up to level three. While there was a drop down also noticed in the euro zone M3 money that is 0.1 percent yoy in the month of may.

Since October 2009 it is seen that the RBA has taken meeting up to 6 times and still it is seen that the RBA will keep their rate unchanged from 4.5 percent.

There are some factors hat suggests the hold of Central bank that is it includes recent development in macro-economic developments along with euro zone economic debt crisis and its impacts on the Global world economy outlook that ultimately heightens the risk aversion and also a mild impact on the moderation of the economic data of Australia.

he European debt crisis embedded uncertainty in the outlook of the Global economy- said by the Chicago Fed Evans and after this if the Fed government decides to keep the price rate low for some extent then it will not make any wonder among the minsters.

If we look at the commodity prices of japan then it seems that it was doing little bit good recovery as compared to other nations that its PMI growth rate is 54.7 percent in the month of May. While the increase is shown in the Industrial production and rises to 1.3 percent mom in May.

The relative strength of the currency pair of AUD and CAD will be determined after the decision of the BOC and RBA minutes that seems to crucial for this week. As we have seen that there is a recovery seen in the currency pair of AUD/CAD after a low of 0.8645.

There will be a further recovery expected in the currency pair of EUR/JPY which was at the tight range today for four hours but it gets recovered around 38.2 percent. It was anticipated in the market that further recovery seems as a correction in the huge down trend in the euro currency pairs.

At last it was only said that the further extent is seen in the Canadian Dollar after the stronger economic data release and now how long will it go to is still a doubtful case fo the investors. BOC minutes will decide in the today's meeting about the "pause" will continue or they will change the interest rate now for the June hike.

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Forex: Market Recovers By Improvements In Risk Sentiments

Monday, May 31, 2010

After getting a support from China, Euro zone countries debt and State Administration of Forex online market acknowledges by China that- "Euro zone is one of the major market for investments among all the nations". This cause the risk sentiments to get a strong recovery in the week. There was a recovery shown in the past week Friday in DOW also. It closed at the level above 10000 and reached above from the intraday low of 9774 to 10136 level. Crude oil reached to the 73.97 level and breached to the level above 75. Nevertheless, the improvement in risk sentiments does not make any changes in the level of euro and it closes at low point on the late Friday. Since, euro gets failed against recovery of major currencies that is Dollar and Japanese Yen.

We all heard about the latest news that Fitch has cut the Spain's rating in the market from AAA to AA+ because of this On Friday there was a sharp fall noticed in the common currency which closes low at the end of past Forex session. Fitch also mentioned the fact that the Spanish economy get reduced because of the adjustments in the lower level of private sector along with external indebtedness. Euro zone nations still worried about the economic recovery after the recent downgrade in the Spain. The concerns about the recovery of austerity measures also added to the part of euro zone concerns about fiscal health. Ultimately these concerns impact on Euro and it shows a drop-down against the Aussie of 4.19 percent where as it drops to 2.83 percent against the Canadian Dollar. The Fitch assigned an stable outlook to the Spain by cutting its rating.

In June month there will be considered a two important developments will get the main focus that is first one is the development seen in the stocks. In last week there was a break out seen in the DOW even though it touches the low of Feb. in some past days. The buying of stocks leads to the rise again at the end of week. Where as the rise in CRB stocks are also shown and leads it to the level above 258. The recoveries was over as argues after the Friday's sell-off and seems to be looked corrective as anticipated by the market experts. There are major events are scheduled by Canada and Australia as they may discuss about the crucial factors that is whether commodity currencies will be steady for long term or not. The market is still expecting a hike from the BOC even though it seems to be in volatile state as the Forex market.

In this week the market main focuses on rate hike of BOC since, the market were pricing only forty percent at only one point where as 25 bps rate hike in terms of BOC as anticipated for this week in the market. But it is seen that OECD has taken an strict action against the BOC and ordered them to remove all the policies that leads the investors to increment their betting as the stocks gets rebounded in past week. Therefore, at the end of the week it is noticed that market gets only a seventy percent rate hike since we all know that BOC rate hike is not a done deal in the market. It is seen that there was a recovery seen in the past week in the Canadian Dollar against the major currencies and commodities of the market. The market experts anticipated that the US and UK market is to be returned on Monday or Tuesday so traders have to be cautious while trading in the market.

In this week it was predicted that RBA may take meeting for giving details about the minutes of there "pause" taken in the month of may. There were seven meetings taken by the banks and issued the borrowing cost raising up to six times. Although this was expected from the starting of the May month before the intensification of the Euro zone financial crisis and also before the fall of the stock market. There was also a fall seen in the Australian market after fourth of May to 4194 from the high of 4753 index level. It seems to be a 12 percent low but again shows a rebound at the end of the month and reaches to 4479 level. But it is still at a low of 11 percent as compared to a high level of 5048 in the month of April. Overall it is expected in the market for a June hike that RBA should take a move that will ignore the previous statements of RBA, so is Aussie.

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Forex: Crestfallen GDP Rate Dishearten The Market Sentiments

Friday, May 28, 2010

Yesterday the rise is seen in the Asian market by the Strong impact of Japan and New Zealand currency. Although the market seems to be in slow pace in the opening Forex online session but it surged as the time goes on and reach to high in the late Forex session. The US equities leads the market drops down in the morning but a sudden rebound is shown in the market as the time passes. There is also a good news from the exports side as they grew to 40 percent high in the fifth consecutive month due to the high selling of cars and high-tech goods. Where as the exports fell by 2.2 percent in New Zealand in the month of April and 4.06 percent in the month of March. While the China shows an impressive increase of 44 percent in exports.

Asian stocks trades seems to be higher than Nikkei and reaches up to 1.23 percent high but still below the 10000 level in the market. There was a further recovery seen in the Crude Oil where as the gold seems to be still holding the position above 1210. The EURO becomes the lower currency of this week but it still maintains it level above 1.2143 versus Dollar as seen in the overnight decline. The US equities seems to be revised above the 3.5 percent as expected annualized growth in the market where as the price index expected to rise up at 0.9 percent and core PCE expected to rose 0.6 percent respectively. There was a overnight recovery noticed in the USD currency due to the EURO weakness. But the Dollar index is still seems to be in low below the high of 87.46.

On Thursday Forex session the stocks gets the rise in the market due to which the US Dollar and Japanese Yen selling will seems to be low in the market. Because of this in the late Forex session both the currency fall down against the stocks. Th main cause of Yen falling is the expanded investors carry trades in the market. Since we have noticed that the US economy revised to 3.0 percent in the first quarter of 2010 year while the exports in Japan seems to be rose strongly in the Q1 session. Despite the weakness in the US retails trends there was still a rise seen in the Sterling currency. As the crude oil gets the price rise of 4 percent and commodity prices reached high there was a sudden rise seen in the Australian and Canadian Dollars. The EURO got advanced after the China's administration of Forex which eventually manages the $ 2.4 trillion of currency foreign exchange mentioned that- China's exchange reserves is always invested by the Europe the major investor market of China.

As we have seen that the US GDP growth rate received a third consecutive quarterly expansion of 3.0 percent after going through the lead rate of 5.6 percent in the fourth quarter of the past year 2009. The positive consolidations of the GDP growth rate was business equipments, new inventories along with personal consumption where as the weakest point was the commercial construction, net export rate and non other than government spending. These all factors affects the growth rate of US GDP in the first quarter of the current year 2010. The price index of GDP receives 1.0 percent hike in Q1 as compared to the past year q4 GDP price index which was only 0.5 percent that's why the market expected a price index rate of 0.9 percent in the first quarter.

US jobless claims was seems to be less than anticipated after the MAY 22 which was 14000-460,000 as compared from the past week job-less claims that got a hike of 474,000. Where as there was a hike seen in the consumer price index in the 3 increase in the four consecutive month and leads to 0.1 percent. Th UK retail sales seems to be in negative in the graph since March 2009 and now fall to 18 percent down in the month of May where as it was at 13 percent down in the month of April. While employment level shows a increase in Switzerland up to the modest growth rate of 0.1 percent.

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Spain BBVA Bruit Short-lived EURO and Stocks Rebound

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Concerns of Spain BBVA leads to EURO recovery only for a short span of time and again euro resumes its weakness in Yesterday's trading. The bruits about the Spain's second largest bank spreads in the market that the bank is unable to renew short-term funding of $1 billion. This leads the currency pair EUR/USD to back-trade 1.22 level below where as there is a support seen in the currency pair EUR/CHF that is of 1.4138 while the pair EUR/GBP falls to a low level that is below 0.8454.

Since we have seen that the US stocks are unable to steady at the earlier gains show in the US session and falls back in Yesterday trading still after this USD currency and Japanese Yen are trying for the better approach to take lead in the Forex market. As we have noticed that in early US session the stocks are leading the market due to the strong economic growth. The jump of 14.8 percent in the month of April was noticed in the US home sales that rises to 504 k and leads the annualized rate to two year high.

April month was good for the durable goods that is it leads to a growth of 2.9 percent. Although there was drop down seen in the ex-transport order. Investors are in dilemma for buying the Dow as it seen that it has faced a strong resistance at the 10200 level which ultimately leads to the fall of the low below the 10000 level at the end of the forex online session yesterday. It drops down to 0.7 percent in the whole day and reaches to 9975 level.

The warning is given to euro zone countries along with other countries that they have to reconcile support for reaching to some stable and sustainable fiscal path said by the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development. It is also mentioned by the organization that due to the sovereign financial crisis the euro zone strength is in high demand otherwise it may a chance that Global economy has to face a double dip recession very soon.

The organization ordered Japan to make a credible budget plan to measure the spending. as we know that UK is facing a weak fiscal consolidations therefore it has given advised to make a strong move to strengthen their fiscal position in the market. The market anticipated the growth of Global economy in this year is up to 4.6 percent. The significant rise in risk is noticed in bond yields. Although it was seen that the OECD remains optimistic about the growth of Global economy in the market.

After April 30 meet the BOJ has released minutes Yesterday. The minutes contains the views of the members of the meet that all agreed for the same thing that the "economic global growth foundations should be strengthened". Some members also shows their concerns in terms of the side effects of the easing in the market which ultimately impacts on the financial condition if there was a fall seen in the profit of the bank in terms of interest rate.

Now about the strengths and recoveries seen in the Yesterday's Forex session. First of all about the US major currency Dollar. There was a recovery shown by the Dollar in the late Forex session as it reaches to 86.33 level but the up gradation in Dollar is still limited at the level below 87.46 high. We cannot deny the rise seen in the dollar but it is also the truth it is not equal to other major currencies of the market. The fall of US stocks Dow also strengthen the rise of Dollar since it is the truth that the risk sentiments are the major driver in the Forex market.

Now the latest update about the euro currency as it we have seen that there is no change noticed in the weak euro currency instead there is a sharp fall in the currency pair EUR/GBP. The whole fall seems to be resumed at the level of 0.9317. EUR/CHF is also seems to be rebound on the last week's way for reaching a high of 1.45867 again. But there is a possibility of intervention is also seen near the level of 1.40 in the currency pair. That's all about the latest about the Forex market.

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Euro Debt Concerns Heightens Due To Stressed Spain's Bank Industry

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In late US session it was seen that the stocks rebounds benefits the Dollar to hit a high of 87.46. In may month there was a rise of 63.3 percent is seen in the Conference board consumer confidence data. It was highest since March and now reached above the expectations of 59.0. The fall of Euro currency becomes a worldwide threat as said by Bullard. He also mentioned confidently about the economic recovery will remain on track and rise in GDP growth will remain continue in the coming quarter and it leads to a full year growth in national income.

In yesterday's Forex session Global stocks tumbles down and there is rise seen in the USD currency and Japanese Yen. The fall of Global stock market is due to the Spain's banking concerns and Korean currency drop-down. The investors are so much worried about the Spain concerns since it may rise the debt crisis in European countries. The four Spanish bank had submitted a proposal to the Central Bank of Spain to merge their business. This causes the major European index to fall that is FTSE is down to 2.21 percent where as DAX falls to 2.34 low and CAC drops down to 2.9 percent.

Yesterday there was a great fall shown in the Asian stock market due to the Korean fall impacts. While the Dow and S&P shows a rise in the last session of forex to maintain its rebound after breaching to the low of Feb month. The Dow index again rebounds to reach above the 10000 at 10043 and is now just down to only 22.9 percent only from the past high. Dow may be rebounds to Feb's low until it touches a high of 12000.

There is a sharp fall is seen in the Dollar index yesterday that is USD unable to break through the 87 level and drops down. There was a recovery seen in the currency pair of EUR/USD and reaches to level of 1.2671 where as GBP/USD rises to 1.4527 high along with the recovery of AUD/USD to 0.8363 level. Crude oil tumbles further to the level below 67 while Gold remains steady at 1190 level in the Asian market. US equities open at low level to provide an additional support to the USD currency and Japanese Yen.

EUR/JPY pair reaches to a low level at 109.32 point in the Forex online market along with the currency pair AUD/JPY that dives to 72.04 low level but this does not impact on the major currency of Japan that is Yen. As we have seen that Japan's currency Yen is still in upward position in the market and may rise to high level in the coming Forex session. The currency pair NWZ/JPY again drops this week as compared to the last week's session. Where as there is some rise shown by the CAD/JPY to regain the past high of 94.46 level. But, it can be said that the currency pair remains bearish although the resistance holds at 85.86 level.

As the banking problem in Spain is the highest priority concern among the market investors because this will lead the European currency to wide spread in the Global economic market which impacts the economic recovery of the market. IMF warned the Spain's bank about the consolidations remains low then the Spanish banks have to get prepared otherwise the financial trouble will lead the bank into an intervention.

BOE policy makers specified the fact about the Japanese economy that it faced the same condition as the UK and US economy is facing today and it may lead to the recessionary condition due to the small policy making mistakes. But the Posen also specified that one major problem that was not faced by the Japan's economy in their recession time was that the poor demand of external prospects along with the productive resource reallocation need.

The euro zone countries again facing the same problem as faced by the last two weeks since the EUR/JPY currency pair falls to 109 level had confirmed the resume of downtrend. The upside break in the currency pair leads to the bullish convergence condition. Although we are expecting a strong support at the level below 2000 in the major currency pair of Japan.

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Spain could not spoil the hope - Stocks and Euro are less affected in the storm

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yesterday a low was seen in the EURO currency due to the news that Bank of Spain is now lead by the government reconstruction funds. This makes the euro to tumble down after hitting the high of $ 1.25. Since we have seen some earlier gain in the euro currency. There is rebound shown in the DOW after getting low in the morning it reaches to 11000 level so early. The Gold also gets rebounds and reaches to 1190 level where as crude oil is still below the 70 level. In US home sales annualized rate turns to 5.77 level as it rises more than expected but the economic data results in some downside in the Forex online market. But, it can be said that the EURO loss is limited that is the currency pair EUR/USD is selling above 1.23 level.

Despite the announcement of GBP 6 billion spending cutting the Sterling currency is trading in mixed range. This includes the budget cost cutting along with the freezing of public sector services and civil services recruitment, cost cutting on expenses of technology, advertising and travel. The Chancellor Osborne said that- the 500 million pounds cost cutting will results in number of useful projects growth. It can be predicted that this year the savings will contribute to the cost cutting deficit. In overnight trading it is seen that the Stock market also results in a low although it is standing straight within 3 months dollar OIS spread results in 25 basis point after nine months high.

There is a sharp low line graph is seen in the chart of the currency pair EUR/AUD and reaches to a rift of 1.49 level. There is drop-down shown at the level of 1.5455 which is said as a correction and there is a also a strong support anticipated from 55 days of EMA to remain in the downside trend. It was anticipated that there will be a rise seen towards 50 percent retraced at 1.6013. Canadian Dollar is on recovery side today but crude oil is still breaching at below level 70. There is a consolidation shown by USD and Japanese Yen versus major currencies since stabilization is shown by currencies risk sentiments. USD/CAD's currency pair drop-down to 1.078 level that ultimately helps the Canadian dollar to sell-off in the downside. AUD/CAD currency pair is also shows drop-down although it is supporting Loonie in general terms. GBP/CAd is still trading below the medium trend falling trend line and 55 days of EMA.

There is a rise in the opening session of Forex in European stocks today. The stocks high will provide support to risks which will lead to forex market consolidations. We hear the news of the BoC market that it will announce the interest rate hike on first June as anticipated by the market. Now it can be said about the currencies growth rate is mainly dependent on the Boc hike. CAD/JPY is still weak although it recovers from the past week's sharp fall. The currency pair is still in the bearish trend even though the market holds a 86.26 minor resistance. In USD chart it is seen that some support is seen around 55 EMA in four hours. There was a break out shown by the currency pair EUR/GBP at 0.8618 level. If it break of at 0.8427 level then it will confirm the decline resumption.

In Asia there is a fall is shown in the EURO currency tumbles down to 1.2385 from 1.2370 level. This is due to the move in Bank of Spain also some austerity programs supported that has been launched in order to provide support to weaker euro zone's member countries to get recover from the debt crisis. There was a big fall in EURO currency pair that is EUR/JPY is shown that is of 110.10 points. AUD/JPY falls to 73.50 from the 74 level and also a drop down shown in the USD/JPY to 90 level.

Overall it can be said that market is still in the consolidation state and there is a risk shown in the Dollar and Yen sell-off. The euro fall is limited to some extent as predicted in the Forex market. Due to solid economic data out in the US the Dollar gets the safe side flow and there is a dynamic move shown by the Gold in Asian market. These are all the latest update about the Forex market till now.

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Forex Market: Risk Aversion Intensification Breached To Panic Selling

Monday, May 24, 2010

In the past week there were two major developments are seen that is with the risk intervention in the Forex market the selling of EURO rebounds. After the German announcement of Stabilisation fund it was seen in the market that euro currency falls continuous and reaches below the 2008 low that is 1.214. In the last week the German government has taken another major step to ban the short selling of stocks. But the fall of US dollar and intervention helps the euro to rebound in the last week. In overall case it can be said that currency pair EUR/USD has found a bottom for only a short span of time and surely it gets recover early to reach to the high level in the market again. in last week the rumours of ECB's help is also heard in the market that also leads to a benefit for the EURO currency.

The intensification of risk aversion was the another important development shown in the market. As we have seen that the S&P was reached below the intraday low that is to the sixth of May panic selling. The crude oil tubles down the past week below the 70 level in the whole week. There was a sharp fall seen in the Aussie dollars that is it falls to 9.29 percent below where as there was a rise of 7.57 percent is shown in the EUR/AUD currency pair. Since this is due to the small rise in the euro currency in last week. The fall of currency pair AUD/USD to 6.29 percent. After the fall of Australian and Canadian Dollar, the RBA "pause" in June is confirmed and it the market aspirants are anticipating that the RBA pause is for the whole year.

Recent stock market weakness will also impacts the BOC's June hike, there was a possibility of cutting costs is increasing day-by-day. The past Friday's rebound in stock results in a contention of selling of stocks and also it was predicted about the combinations currency pair. In past week the economic data also not come up with any good news in the market. In US market there was seen a rise of jobless claims to 471K. After seeing this the market understands that the recovery in job market is still in weak point. There was a supress in inflation is shown due to the fact that the CPI results in moderated 2.2 perecnt yoy in the month of April along with the core CPI 0.9 percent dow yoy. Now the results about the manufacturing data outlook in US that was a jiffy mixed with Empire state index and fall sharply to 19.1 percent in the May month. Where as there was a recovery of 21.4 percent is shown in the Philly Fed index and a mixed outlook was seen in the housing data in past week.

Now the weekly outlook of Euro zone countires where a sharo fall is shown in the month of May in ZEW due to the financial crisis the investors lose their confidence in the currency investment. There was a decline shown in the quality in the climate of Ifo business. While the PMI services is still in strong phase of the market and it was anticipated that the PMI manufacturing will look ahead for the expansion in May. While UK CPI increased abruptly beyond the market expectations and reached to the 3.7 percent in April month. The good results shown in the Public sector borrowing and the fact is clear that the market focus is fixed on the emergency budget plan that will be announced in the month of June.

In Canada, the economic data is shown strong than expected along with CPI and results a high of 1.8 percent yoy in the April month. The retail sales results in 2.1 percent in the month of March that impressed the market and results in gain of USD/CAD's rise to 1.078 level. There was a fall shown in the S&P where as Dow managed its level. On Friday, there was a strong rebound is shown that results in temporary bottom in the EURO currency but it was expected that in this week recovery is shown in the stock market while the overall market remains clumsy and unchanged in this whole week.

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Weekly Forex and Economic Report On Market Ups and Down

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Forex online market has shown a moderate growth with low inflation rate in this whole week. Yes, we have seen some growth in the market but it is not at all as anticipated by the government. There was a gain noticed in the private sector jobs but this will impacts the public sector to deficit. This week is not at all good for the USD currency as the last week although this benefits the EURO currency as it goes high in this week and shocked the investors who are thinking that the euro zone countries will remain in loss. The Japan economic recovery also benefits the Global economy as it was predicted after reaching to 4.8 percent in the Q4 but it remains to only 3.9 percent GDP growth in first quarter of year 2010.

Today, we can say about US and European countries that policymakers are expecting more for both the countries but due o low inflation rate to maintain a new economic structure is still difficult. As in this week we have seen that job growth is still in the state of non-existent and credit growth is also moderate while there is a fall is shown in housing recovery. In terms of economy there are two factors that leads to inflation are the fall in building permits along with the housing income growth is also limited. The intermediate goods have shown growth of 5.6 percent as compared from the past year. Due to improving Global demand there was a hike in prices of commodities is shown. However it can be said that Asian market is well stabilized instead the Europe has shown the instability in their economy and captures the attention of the investors.

There was a positive outcome shown in the Japan's economy since the fourth quarter of past year and the expectations of investors becomes high but in the current year the GDP growth is only 3.9 percent only despite the fact that that the experts after seeing growth in q4 was expecting a high rate in GDP. But it can be said that about the economy of Japan that there was a growth rate shown in the exports and Japan's government is now making plans to invest more capital for buying latest equipments to improve the outcomes from the manufacturing companies. It was predicted about the Japan's economy that it will be accelerated to nearly 3.4 percent before getting in the pause state of 1.8 percent in the year 2011. Taiwan's economy rate added further heft in the strong Asian economy by leading to 13.27 percent high from the past year's growth. It can be said that the Asian market will lead to be a good base for the Global economic recovery this year.

Now about the US market which leads to hike results in euro currency deficits. The rise of USD dumps the prices of commodities and equities in US. There was a second largest inflow is shown in the US financial assets as the foreign investors invested their $ 100 in buying treasury securities in the month of March. It was fore-casted about the Treasury that it will be at low of 4 percent at the year's end. Since beyond the major problems in US financial conditions there will be a return game is played after the investment. The main driving factor that leads to the US dollars to high is the drop down of EURO currency. It can be predicted that the Fed government can take measures to increment the fund rates in this year.

Now looking ahead for the next week forex session it can be said that the inference of number of financial data's that are released yesterday will lead some instability in the market. Since EU finance ministers are set to meet yesterday for discussing about the euro zone countries financial matter and economic recovery measures. German Finance minster has presented a plan that include the measures taken for budget cuts and also the cost cutting along with the penalties for the countries that not follow rules and regulations. BOJ has decided to unchanged their interest rate that is to be 0.1 percent after seeing the GDP growth rate of Japan. Dollar index is seen to be snugged at the short term rate of 87.6. There was a high shown in EUR/CHF after the gain of EURO currency from 1.2150 to 1.2644 points. The coming week mainly focuses on German info, UK public sector current borrowing and lastly the euro zone PMI's.

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USD Dumps Risky Prices of Assets In The Market

Friday, May 21, 2010

On Thursday, there is a mixed trade is sown in USD trading. The Dollar Forex online trading counts lower then the Yen but it seems to be higher in comparison to the commodities of other major currencies. There was a great fall shown in the US equities and commodities along with interest rates and in gold prices because of the high pressure of deflation in US financial market. The Fores traders are worried due to the European bond crisis along with bailout in Greek and also the financial regulations in US. As we know the Dollar is trading at high so all these problems are not the major one among the traders. Yesterday trading of Australian Dollar and Canadian Dollar was weighs down by 2 percent and also there is a fall shown in the Sterling currency where as there is a carry out shown in the Japanese currency Yen.

Today the currency pair EUR/USD boosted out in the forex market because of the rumors in the US market getting support from the ECB. Since from the past year's low the pair drop down to 20 percent after the December high and in mid July it drops to 22 percent low. Now we are experiencing the a demand of additional gain in the Forex market because of the drop down of Dollar in the US market in the past 2008. The federal government only needs approach that will benefit the market is to sell the USD and not to ban their short sales. It is predicted about the US economy that it will become better in the year 2010 suggested by the Conference Board LEI data. The US economy unexpectedly slips down to 0.1 percent in April month after getting revised of 1.3 percent in the month of March.

The Europe economy is facing downside since the past year's fall down of euro. The euro zone countries are going through the tough days of the economy but there is bright sunshine is seen in this week as the currency pair EUR/USD goes high because of the news that the EURO will receive a great help from the ECB government. But, the investors is still in doubt because of the failure of the Stabilization fund that has been announced to provide favor to the EURO currency. Germany prices grew more in April as expected to 0.8 percent. This has been recognized as the third advance as in the march month it was only reaches to 0.7 percent. It is also seen that the UK retail sales incremented for the third time in past three months including April. The retail sale price seasonally noted that was up in April from 0.1 to 0.3 percent.

Now the Asia-Pacific Forex market impact as it is seen that the Japan's economy recovery was not raise this week as expected. GDP of Japan was about 4.9 percent recorded as it is low that forecast for the first quarter of the 2010 year. Since in fourth quarter of the past year the GDP recorded was up to 4.2 percent but it does not do well this year. As if we talk about the Australia's economy rate it was down at 3.6 percent in the month of May than in April as it was recorded to 4.1 percent at that time. This uncertainty is due to the euro zone events that does not provide any benefits to the Europe instead affects the Global economy recovery. This survey is done by the consumer inflationary of Melbourne Institute.

In Asia this week is not at all as good in terms of economy since the EURO is getting benefited from the past two days. This makes the currency pair of EUR/USD to hits high of 1.2671 from the low of 1.2150 points. The all euro currency pairs are showing good results after the upside trend of EURO in the Forex Trading chart. EUR/CHF reaches to 1.4585 by gaining 235 pips and EUR/JPY reaches the high of 114.35 points in a day where as 100 pips was gained by the currency pair EUR/GBP and reaches to a high of 0.8770 points. While Yen goes high against the equities and commodities that are going low along with the Nikkie reaches to 3 percent and touches the one point low in five months. These are all the latest updates about the Forex market of today in technical terms.

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Export Growth Expedite the Economic Growth in Japan

Thursday, May 20, 2010

After the First World War the second largest economy of the world Japan faces the worst recession and now it is soon getting recovered by going on the right path to raise the economy from the first quarter of the current year. We all know that exports are the beam of the economy of the world. Due to the weak economic expansion the economy is facing the risk of deflation that threaten the recovery of Global world economic recovery.

In the first quarter of the year the Japan exports rises to 6.9 percent and this is the key reason of the economic recovery of the world's largest economic country Japan. Past three months the economic recovery of Japan boosted the wages and labor market that mainly contributing the recovery process.
Last year, the GDP growth of Japan is 0.9 percent calculated in Q4 and in this year in Q1 only the GDP growth leads to 1.2 percent in comparison to the past year recovery.

The market experts predicted the raise of 1.4 percent from the past year to this year but finally it was revised by 1 percent. If the total GDP growth be estimated it will be 4.9 percent in this year as compared from the past year it was only 3.9 percent. While the market analysts anticipates that GDP growth of this year leds to 5.5 percent.

Japanese exporters was mainly affected in past year by the manufacturing in China speed-up due to the high demand of exports from China leads to deficit of exports in Japan which ultimately hinders the economic recovery. Nissan, the Japan's largest automaker is affected majorly by the China's export growth, it triples the profit of Japan exports while the sales rise.

Today's report cherish the Government and also leads the exports demand from the BOJ that will ultimately throb the deflation rate in Japan. Report says that the consumer spending that is wages and labor market both leads to the fifty percent of the growth rate of Japan raise the 0.3 percent in the Q1 from the past year Q4. It is surveyed that from past 22 months it was the first time that the increment in wages are shown in Japan.

The economic recovery in Japan favor's the manufacturing companies that will result good in coming days, that is Nissan group is making plans to spend the major part of its capital into buying the new technology equipments for leading the footstep with this world. This will rose the job openings and more number of people will be engaged in working that ultimately raises the demand for goods, provides relief to the economic condition of Japan.

The BOJ had decided to fix the interest rate to 0.1 percent that supports the policymakers to fight against the deflation rate. This will help in recovering from the Global world's economy because of the increase in demand of exports from Japan which leads to rebound of manufacturing companies in Japan.

Since the Japan's economy results less as estimated by the experts of the forex online market benefits the EUR/USD currency pairs trading and it reaches to high level of 91.78. It happens due to the failed export recovery along with the less consumer spending. BOJ is in pressure after the two days meeting to decrease the deflation rate in Japan. The Government continues in their expectations from BOJ to do something better in order to reduce the deflation rate but the BOJ is not willing to change its policies after seeing the GDP growth rate.

In terms of Technical analysis it is estimated that the GDP rate of Japan rises to 4.9 percent in past three months till March it was 4.2 percent and was expected to be 5.5 percent from the experts. There was a rise in consumer spending of 0.3 percent in first quarter of this year that was 1.7 percent in the past year's quarter four. There was a lead in housing investment is shown after the continuous five quarters of 0.3 percent. This was the first increment shown in the housing investment while in business investment the past rise was of 1.3 percent where as morning results shows gain of 1 percent. After getting all these results the BOJ holds a two day meeting to and also decided to keep the interest rate to only 0.1 percent and it may be expected to announce the leading plan in today's meeting.

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Forex: German Short Sales bans for the welfare of Euro zone

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

German Government had announced about the selling of short shares to the ten most important financial institution of the country. This can be seen as the hopeless way to protect the euro zone from the debt crisis from the erratic market attacks. DOW falls for - 100 points after the gain earned earlier. Gold seems to be rebound and now it is back trading at 1220 level above. Crude oil is trading against 70 point and reaches at low of 68.91. Dollar is on high and reached to level of 87. The currency pair EUR/USD is continuing on low of 1.2233 point.

Now technical analysis says that- EUR/USD fall below 1.2233 will ensure the decline leads to the 100 percent projection of 1.3691 to 1.2526 and next level predicted should be 1.1928. USD/CHF fall at 1.1447 and ensures rally resumption to the projection of 161.8 percent. AUD/USD also reaching to the the key support level of 0.8577 from the starting of this week. USD is at high position from the starting of the week at the level of 87 point and not it is heading towards the high of 2008 that is of 89.62.

Earlier it is seen that Forex market are trying to stabilize as EMU minister Olli Rehn announce that the countries that belongs to the euro zone debt crisis like Greece, Spain and Portuguese are only needed to have debt cuts in their budget and to maintain the Global economic growth. After getting 14.5 billion funds of EURO the Greek bond enact a rally for repaying the 8.5 billion of EURO bond that are dues.

There was a sharp fall is seen in German currency ZEW by rising at April and fall in May from 53.0 to 45.8 level. The fall also seen in euro zone ZEW drop down from 46 to 37.6 level. President of Germany says that there is seen some uncertainty at the rising of ZEW due the measures taking steps forward by combining the public budgets. The euro zone fall is also an important factor that has given rise to the uncertainty among major currency in forex market. The further development of EURO zone will lead also leads to the market uncertainty.

The latest news that has came from the US housing data is raising more than as expected and reaches to the high of 672k, the highest annualized rate since 2008 October level. As the USD is going high this leads the Forex market into the consolidate mode. The major Forex currency pairs are snugged but there is a high seen in the crude oil from 70 level to rise at 72 level and also the gold is touching the high level at 1210 points. Where as the US stocks opens in mild range in the morning and heading to reach at the strong level overnight.

UK latest update is that the inflation rate CPI jumped to the 3.7 percent as expected in April month and also it reaches at the highest in 17 month. RBA was considered in a pause state as the rate hikes in the May month and leads to the uncertainty in the euro zone area. The EU members discussed in the meeting about the disturbances seen in the forex online market is due to the sovereign debt rescue plan for the euro zone welfare. Australia market does not involve much in the direct impact of the Greece debt crisis. The Central bank of Australia has announced to give rise to the sixth time the policy interest rate. Aussie heads to a three month low after the pause rate hike in RBA.

The latest update of USD/JPY currency pair is that it reaches the level of 91.75 already. The currency is breaking of at the rate of 93.62 and then rising from the level of 88.25 after getting the resistance at 94.87 point. On the downside it can be said that if the level reaches below 90 then there will be a possibility of decline to 90.86 level. Market is trying to overcome from the financial trouble and hoping for some good results in coming days from the Forex market.

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Forex:Market investors in Dilemma About Rescue Fund

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Last week's announcement of the Stabilization Fund leads the investors into the trouble. ECB has taken pledge for purchasing public as well as private bonds and also introduces various refinancing operations for providing benefits to the countries belongs to euro zone.

Market experts are saying that the stabilization fund only provides a temporary relief to the economy of euro zone. The cure is not the permanent, this news leds the market investors into the dilemma. Since majority of the market aspirants does not believe these auctions are beneficial for solving the fiscal

The Germany is the major contributor in the stabilization fund but the EU members of the other nation that has given their support is not happy because they are worried about the austerity plans that the government had announced for improving the fiscal health of the countries.

The austerity plans mainly affects the economic recovery which leads to the fall of EURO currency below the 2008 low. The EURO currency falls to 18 months low,now it is at 1.2333 points. The fall of EURO makes the USD demand higher among the currency investors of Forex market.

The euro zone countries that are going through debt crisis after the announcement of stabilization fund had formally announces about the austerity plans to reduce the fiscal deficits. These countries are Spain, Portuguese and Italy, since Greece also belongs to this category but it's announcement is now in holding state.

However, after this announcement there is a slow down seen in the economic recovery in both the euro zone countries along with the whole world. Government has bought 20 billion EURO for providing short-dated bonds to euro zone countries are Greece, Spain and Portuguese.

Now the report on currency pairs how the rescue fund has affected the currency pair. The first shocking news is about the EURO as it falls to the 4 year low and reaches to 1.2334 point. Today's opening of Forex session is at 1,2433 resistance intact. It is predicted that the EUR/USD pair can be further goes to
decline because of the continuous fall of EURO currency. it can be said about the market of EUR/USD currency pair that the break of 1.2329 subsides confirms about the rebound of 2008 fall in currency pair.

The recovery is seen in the GBP/USD after the Yesterday's fall by touching the low of 1.4250 in the opening market. It is predicted about the GBP/USD currency pair that it can get benefited by the US dollars high. GBPUSD currently is in position of 1.44488 to 1.53010. It is noticed that the currency pair rose to 1.7043 from corrective rise to1.3503 and then falls from the 2007 high of

USD/JPY is currently on mildest downside and the further drop-down is expected from 90.85 to lower point. The upside in the currency pair is expected to be of 93.62 but it is limited to 94.97 high. It can be assumed to be one short-term drop-down in this currency pair. After breaking from 88.13 it is seen that there ts support given at this point can favor the rise of the USD/JPY currency pair. If the pair breaks down at 94.97 then it will confirm that the USD/JPY will be in bullish case.

USD/CHF is given minor support intact after the Friday sell-off. The currency pair USDCHF is at 1.1210 level and estimated to reach to the level of 1.1273 and the resistance line is at 1.1396 level. It is estimated that the support given at minor level can bring temporary top level along with consolidations. But if there is some pull off at the point above 1.0922 then there will be a risk resumption.

There is drop down is seen at the AUDCAD currency pair is shown at the level of 0.8723. The overall fall will confirm that the currency will get medium-term support at point 0.8557.

These all are the market updates of today's overall currency pair and affect of market stabilization fund on the currency pairs of the Forex market.

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Forex: Major Currencies are heading to Low of 2008

Monday, May 17, 2010

EU/ECB's announced to cut the budgeting costs benefits the EURO in last week along with the approval of Greece rescue fund, but the gain in USD impacts the EURO and this makes the EURO fall against the major currencies of Forex market along with the USD. The currency pair of EUR/USD falls to 1.2352 just an inch above the low of 2008 that is of 1.2329. After the approval of Greece aid-package, there are some easiness is seen in the euro zone on temporary basis but it is not permanent because of number of other major concerns related to the development in euro zone. In the end of last week there is some benefits are seen in the market, that is the Gold makes a record of 1,2497 of high and on the other hand USD also managed the benefits by touching the high level. In risky assets, the crude oil drops and other major stocks hits a high.

EuRO zone is surrounded by number of major concern issues. They are: Firstly it is been heard that unless Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor do not agree upon the EU bailout plan the French President Sarkozy will not do any favor for the EURO currency and it will continue to be shattered down. The second major issue is that the euro zone countries Spain and Portuguese had announced last week that they will implement the austerity plan and workout on that, but the euro zone is unable to make improvements in their fiscal health.

The third important issue is if the euro zone countries or other will implement the austerity plans then it will mainly affect the EURO currency and also drags down the economic recovery. The last concern is about the bank that if it will not implement the quantitative easing then the market still not get benefited and it also makes the euro drop-down. It is predicted that all the major outcomes from the euro currency is negative as it is the common currency among the major currency pairs in the Forex online market.

As per the last week's Forex session the major outcomes in stocks is seen as FTSE 100 up 139 points, DOW up 240 points and Nikkie up 98 points in the overall week. It seems that after the Friday's sell off the market is in the intra-week high position. After the fall started in April there is a decline noticed in terms of Global equities. There is some weakness shown in the crude oil favors the Gold and Dollar in the past week by making it reaching to high position. These all things makes the EURO currency fall down along with commodity currencies.

Easy-going BoE makes the Sterling currency drops down last week, this is also due to the impact of some UK political uncertainty snugged at some clear situation. Economy remains uncertain is due to some major factors that is impact of debt crisis in euro zone and risk aversion in economic recovery- said by the King (UK).

Because of getting support from the June hike the Canadian Dollar was one of the strongest commodity currency, Aussie also rebounds because of getting support by the employment report where as Kiwi remains static although the market gets disappointed by the retail sales department. But, on Friday it is seen that after the sell-off in the Forex market the Canadian dollar becomes the biggest loser. These all things certainly affects rate hike of Boc and will lead the global equity in down position.

Now a quick overview of the overall Forex market of last week is the Dollar gets strengthened and reaches a high of 86.28 finally. The crude oil lowers down to 70.32 point. This makes the EURO currency weaker and it drop down to just one level above the past year low of 1.2329. Last week the currency pair of EUR/AUD touches the low of 1.3927 and makes a new record of low points. We are assuming that in this week some important levels could be achieved. As the report says in this week the major focus will on the news from US that it will suggest another dip in real estates market and from UK we are waiting for the news on BoE minutes and BOJ will remain static in this week.

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Impact of this Week's Forex Market on Next Week's Forex Session

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Although, the outlook for the US Dollar index remains bullish this week instead it is expected from dollar that it will attract the investors in the next week's Forex session. This is because the investors loose their confidence on the currency pair of USDGBP. This comes as the favor to the dollar for the next Forex opening session said by the market experts.

In the recent week it is seen that the economic data is playing mess with the euro and it is assumed that it will remain in loss in the opening market of the coming week. Where as GBP may be on rimple in the next week's opening because of the CPI data and April retail sales since there is a pressure of equities high correlation continues on GBP and there is neither an opening path for the GBP from the grab of Sterling which is the bullish currency of this week.

Now a quick overview of the Forex online market currencies ups and down of this week. The G10 currencies Vs GBP position,shows some establishment in the market due to the positive reaction given by government on the Greece aid-package matter but not Vs euro currency. There is a fall shown by USDGBP below 1.45. The currency pair of USDJPY shows a high this week and were the best performers of the week in the G10. The major currency of the Forex market that is EUR/USD falls below 1.25 and expected this week to touch the low of 1.234 that is the low of October 2008.

US prime mortgages along with subside commodity prices will make the equities to resume their decline and makes the USD and JPY the best performing currencies of the recent week. Economic data remains in the sideshow in the market that is BoE makes the interest rate of Banks to be snugged at 0.50 percent and APF continues to EURO 200 bin. The government announced the cutting of budget this recent week threatens the people and therefore the inflation quarterly report warns the investors about the downside risks can show upgrades in the market.

Now about the market outlook of the recent week, the reports says that- in this risk averse moment in the Forex market the USDJPY shows the best performance. US Dollars are continuously attracting the buyers in the recent week because of the fall of EUR/GBP. British pound and sterling has shown the fall this week which ultimately favors the USD growth. It is expected in the next term that because of the rise in US dollar and subside oil prices will in turns makes the consumer prices low down.

The USD shows a safe flow in the economy chart reaches to the 86.0 level, although there is a strong support is given by the overseas interest rate of US refunding embedded high demands for the dollars. This also helps the market in viewing their medium-term approach may be reach to the high of 89.6 high of the March 2009. The snugged resistance is shown at 86.76 in the USD.

EUR currency remains in their downtrend this week regardless of the Greece aid-package details that favors to the debt crisis facing countries belong to the euro zone are Greek, Spain and Portuguese. The austerity package finally gets the approval this week which in turn provides a flip in single currency and equities. EUR/USD currency pair has showed on and off this week and were supposed to touch low of 1.234.

This week is beneficial for the currency pair of USD/GBP because of the UK elections, this helps the pair to reach high of 0.8620. The BoE not make any favor for the GBP against other currencies in G10, it only creates a resistance line for the euro currency so that it can snugged to the place where it is.

There will be a relief expected in the next week's forex session because of the three major targets that is maturing of Greek 10y debt package, Ecofin meeting along with the buying of ECB bonds. For the investors, it is only be said that "When there is a will, there is a way". Hope for well!!!

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EURO Steadied 14-Months Subside Vs US Dollar

Friday, May 14, 2010

EURO falls down by 0.1 percent against the US dollar at the rate of $ 1.2604. In early times it hits at $ 1.2563, the smallest range in the week and almost half a percent than the previous week's 14 month subside of $ 1.2520.

European stocks gains makes the euro fell by 0.6 percent against Yen. According to the report given by EBS the euro is one of the single currency that goes subsides against 1.3997 Swiss francs. Experts are saying that the global factors will dominate the currency pair EUR/USD, despite the fact that Reserve bank Of Australia have announced that it is increasing the interest rate for showing worries over the outlook of inflation and a clench over the labor market. It is expected from the RBA to halt on their diversion for the coming next few months.

US Dollars shows an upgrading of 0.1 percent against the world's major currencies. Although it fells against the Yen by 0.4 percent. Sterling was the strong currency of the last week, but it surprisingly falls against the dollar by 0.3 percent in this mid of week. On Friday the euro snugged near 14 month subsides Vs US dollar make the investors onto worries because already their are ups and downs in the Forex currency market. the poor performance currency of the market this year is euro. The investors are so much worried about the fiscal outlook of euro zone that is hampering the growth of the Europe. European Monetary ministers are trying their best to overcome the recessionary condition, the government is putting efforts in cutting their fiscal spending. Regardless of these facts, the investors are still wondering how long these efforts will sustain.

Market Experts are given their view about the euro currency trading that if the euro currency breaks below the range of $1.25, then halt the loss selling otherwise it will reach upto the $ 1.2330, it is the lowest range of the year 2008. EUR/JPY currency reaches up to the 116.50 Yen after touching the low of 116 Yen below in the Asian trade market. Traders of the Forex market are saying that the euro gains are limited and it partly depends upon the Japanese Yen that is giving support to the euro zone countries. The world's second bond fund that is known as Kokusai Asset Management's Global Sovereign Fund is ready to support the euro by cutting its exposure to 4.8 percent points, although if the euro zone financial crisis continues to their low then the percentage will be 29.6 percent as it is estimated by the market experts at the end of May 2010.

USD/JPY stood at 92.90 Yen, it is seen that it goes up by 0.2 percent from the late New York trade in the Forex market. Where as the USD/GBP goes up by 0.1 percent since Sterling currency is static after a day loss because of the impact of Britain's public finances which undetermines it. On Thursday the market gots a hit of UK trade deficit that is seen high up to more than expected.

Reports from forex trading platform as usual comprises of sliding motion, so traders need to be little more cautious because even though policy makers and officials had tried from head to toe but yet the debt issues do not seem to cease at this level.

Lets have technical viewpoint about the currency pair of USD/JPY trading at the level of 92.54 that opened at the session with 92.79 surging high with the 93.55 level and the lower trade level of 92.49 and the forex online session closed at the trade level of 92.73.

USD/JPY made to swelled up high at yesterday’s trade session but later snipped down and started trading descending because of the sentiments of the Interbank that reached closer to -32%. On Thursday, the currency pair of USD/JPY declined from the level of 93.55 to 92.59 and closed the trade session at 92.73.

With no influential events in today’s trading session at Japan, so JPY is having the trading range in between 92.51 to 92.00 having down-trending at the trading platform.

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Trade Deficit Bangs Market by reaching to 15-Month Eminent

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Global economy recovery has boosted the business of exports and imports. It reaches to the highest level since October 2009. The survey is done by the Commerce Department and had given their report on Wednesday. The report acknowledges that the trade market reaches to their top level and touches the 15- month high. The economic recovery exaggerated the demand of exports. US economist Zach Pandl of Nomura Securities in New York has specified the reinforcement of the growth in trade volume.

The Commerce Department said that- the higher oil prices increases the exports since October 2009. The enhancement in imports was led by 25.5 percent whereas exports rose to 3.2 percent to $147.9 billion. It is seen that the rise in both exports and imports was stronger than expected by the government in the Q1 GDP published last month. Pandl said that- the assumptions can be good than expected, now its time for expecting a moderate rise in Q1 GDP from 3.2 percent to 3.5 percent.

Forex online market is still competing off the report because of the debt crisis in Greece. The Euro is one of the poor performing currency in this whole year. As the news comes that the Spain is taking austerity measures in cutting its budget, the rise is seen in US stocks. But as soon as the treasury debt prices falls the EURO climbs against the US Dollar. Analysts are expecting only a small growth on US export due to the slow recovery of the euro zone countries facing the financial trouble. The chief economist at Unicredit Research in New York, Harm Bandholz said that- the direct impact of EURO currency hurts the US export growth rate.

The imports are also hits high since October 2009. The combined imports of services and foreign goods rose to 3.1 percent to $188 billion around. The price of oil reaches to an average of $ 75 per barrel, it is the highest price in 15-months.

In March 2010, the recent research shows that the US exports and imports increased to $ 147.9 billion from 3.2 percent. While the exports of US goods winds up to $102.7 billion. An economist of New York Anna Piretti said that- the growth of import will continue as it is getting support from by going forward, strong production and high consumer demand.

In this year, US deficit is moving at an annual rate of $ 467 billion. It is 23.4 percent higher than the last year's annual report of $ 378 billion. Economists are saying that there is a rapid increase had shown from past year in terms of exports and imports because of the economic recovery in the Forex Trading market. The Mortgage Bankers Association showed that there is a high demand for home refinancing loans because the interest rate had reaches their lowest level.

The economy area weakens due to the financial trouble in euro zone and the European Central Bank is unable to rose its rate of interest for the coming months. "A weaker Euro suits to the weaker economy". The euro chart is showing the negative graph due to this reason there are small group of traders who believe that euro will rise. Yuichiro Harada, a senior dealer at Mizuho Corporate Bank said that- fundamentals of the economic region's justifies the weaker euro state. The only rise in Euro is seen on Wednesday from $1.2667 to $1.2629 in New York.

The EURO is showing some rise against the US Dollars but still in the downtrend showing in the Forex chart. The economy boosted the demand of foreign goods and services. This leds the trade market to hits the high of 15-months. The 20 percent of US merchandise exports are gone to the European Union from the last 12 months. The countries getting the export from the US merchandise are Netherlands, France, Belgium and the countries not getting are Greece, Portugal or Spain. Hence,the experts of market is saying that- the impact of euro debt crisis leads to trouble US exports.

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Investors expectation surging, market responses have some other plans

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"A man could bring the horse to the water, but he cannot make him drink"- same is the case with the Greece crisis. The European Monetary Union Ministers are providing support to the Greece by offering the rescue package but it is only a temporary relief.

The actual work of raising the economy can only possibly be done by Greece Government itself. They have to make better financial plans from before, it needs a lot of effort to be put in making workable plans.

Market aspirants are very much concerned about the fiscal outlook for Europe. The EURO rebounds from Monday's high at $ 1.31 from the falling point below $ 1.27. The investors remains worried about whether weaker EURO economy can provide cost cuttings and increase in tax payments to manage their fiscal houses in order.

Market investors are still expecting a high of touching $ 1.15 by the Q3 from the EURO regardless of the last week's fall of EURO to $ 1.2510. It is still down by 0.4 percent after trading at $ 1.2732 in the forex online market.

The major currency that stands out against the US session was Sterling. The Euro fells around 1.2 percent to 85.05 against the sterling. The US Dollar touches a high of 0.3 percent to 92.99 against YEN. The Euro shows a fall of 0.7 percent against the 118.45 YEN.

The chief Forex strategist Shaun Osborne said that- the rescue aid package to Greece is just a way of delaying the inevitable not the cure to the disease. The currency strategist at Standard Chartered Bank in New York, Mike Moran had presented their opinion about the fiscal outlook of Europe. He also specifies clearly about the near term outlook that is one of the ephectic term for the EURO currency.

The market focus shifts back to the debt problem of Greece and the halted aid package in euro zone. It may be assumed that the debt problem may increase in recent weeks since, the investors are focusing their attention towards the currency borrowing for other countries facing same problem such as Portugal, Spain and Ireland.

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Forex trends coiffure after yesterday’s EU statement

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Overall, the forex online market would likely to have a mixed trend reaction with Asian market still displaying green signal for investors to sell off their investment and earn the profits as market has moved to such a bounce after experiencing the decline in the trends for more than a week.

The currency pair of EUR/USD had shown decline of 0.51% with 1.27 22/24 trading range having highs at 1.2803 and lows at 1.2703, even though yesterday’s announcement of package displayed a sharp bounce in the EUR trades and hopes are at peak today’s session opening crashed out.

At international market inflation rate in China has engorged up on the exceeding of bank lending rates whereas the property prices had a record soar puffing up the government neck to raise the rates of interest so that currency can experience admirable trades.

Chinese officials need to think about the increasing inflationary force and should take care to put off the excessive profits and hiking up of prices under control and because due to the aid package announcement from Europe further slouch at forex trading platform would not take place in recent times. The increment in the property prices put false the speculation of the experts about the financial status in the last month.

Coming back to the currency pair of GBP/USD same negative trend with -0.31% decline having traded at 1.48 08/10 trade range having highs of 1.48742 and lows of 1.4772. Seeing the trade ranges and the moves of the market there is nothing-satisfactory conclusion to arrive at for deciding the further trade decisions.

Other pair of USD/JPY is trading with slightly bearish trend and trading at 92 level with deviations of around 92.72/73 having the difference of -0.66% trade and the highs at 93.39 while the lows at 92.54.

Lastly, pair of USD/CHF taking break from the negative trending and is greening at the forex online market at the level of 1.11 06/09 and 0.08% having the highs of 1.113 and the lows of 1.107 and trending with slightly bearish trends.

Lets see what else today’s forex trading platform has in its bag for the investors, whether their speculation would hold true or once again get fell down at the floor.

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Forex today picking up heights on ECB and EU announcement

Monday, May 10, 2010

Today the sun has risen from opposite direction, its not funny, really this is because of the surprise shot of EU and ECB and their plans that have rushed the forex online market with the crowd of traders due to observing extremely higher moved up trends in EUR and the Asian market also surged up with flying colors.

Market trends signaling green to show that trends are moving higher and traders will surely redeem their investment that is time to sell off. EU policy makers sudden turned up attitude swerved up market of EUR in this morning.

The breeze of positive reaction blows all across the global Forex market and this is alluring to have some settle down of trades at EUR protecting the short-term trend. Although trends are moving in positive direction but it will take some more time to recuperate integrity at the forex trading platform.

In order to deal with the loosing consumer confidence and increasing crisis over the market at the weekend Fed, EU authorities and ECB combined took a strong decision that shook the entire currency pair market and forex session opening came up over with great precision at the pairs.
All this due to announcement of 750bln funding package allotment by EU and ECB promise to buy the government bonds at the market relieved the tensed market sentiments within a shot span of time.

Standard and Poor Index futures gathered at 4.1 percent while EUR cherished with 2.3 percent to share the incline of $1.3046. The victory of South Korea further drove the currency by 2% in front of USD whereas the protection cost of Asian bonds fell down once again while crude oil prices inclined higher at 3.8%.

This attempt of EU zone and approval of such a lump-sum aid package to soothe out the mushrooming debt crisis of sovereign that have sprouted in Greece but is threatening the other part of the forex market and their attempt put an end to the spreading of debts to other financial market.

US equities didn’t showed any positive response over this news and threw again for the fourth consecutive forex session on Friday. There is no exaggeration in saying that EU attempt of stabilizing the situation of market troubles and ceasing the crisis from spreading is appreciable.

The currency pair of EUR/USD is the only pair that have displayed some rise after intra-day trading session up to 1.2968 signifying miniature consolidation would likely to be observed along with the signs of recoil to the level of 1.2900. However, with the improvement in the buying and selling off the interests should come up, stay at the minor support level of 1.2809, and probably hold that position and stay at the minor support level of 1.2809 with the possibilities of additional rise.

The resistance would likely to expand from the last week’s trade lows level of 1.2510 to move towards the stronger recoiled level of current turn down towards 1.3000 but the trade didn’t achieved and finally stayed with 1.3038. According to the Fibonacci analysis, it is observed that the trade trends retraced from the level of 1.3365 to 1.2510 that would continue to hold from this level of trading.

The currency pair of GBP/USD is having short-term entry from the trade level of 92.50 and the target trade level at 90.80 and ceasing point of the trade is at 93.15.

Whereas USD managed to maintain the firm hold at the forex trading platform due to JPY’s winding down with upward trending risk is likely to test the resisting trends at 93.27/28. Nevertheless, there is a need to have a break in the trend that would signal the decline in the trading of the currency from the level 94.99 of the peak ended up at 87.95 in last week then again regained some pace in trading at 93.90 but changes would speed up or not this couldn’t be said now.

Overall, next forex session would undergo through vital trading session and there would be no precision in the trade of the market that could be affirmed for sometime lets see where the reaction of consumers and traders would probably rest that can be signaled from the lows and highs of market.

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Riots, bombing killing humans and the economic measures lag

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Euro tumbled to its weakest level against the U.S dollar in over a year amid growing concerns that Greece’s fiscal woes will spread to other indebted nations. The 16-nation currency hit a low of $1.27881 for the first time since March 2009 as Moody’s Investors Service placed Portugal’s Aa2 government bond ratings on review for another possible downgrade. In Greece, a nationwide general strike crippled the country, as protests against the government’s recently announced austerity measures turned violent, with a firebomb attack on a central Athens bank killing three people. The riots escalated as citizens of the debt-stricken nation halted flights and shut shops in a direct response Prime Minister George Papandreou’s plans to cut wages and pensions and raise taxes in return for a 110 billion- euro ($143 billion) rescue package. The Euro closed at $1.28126, down 1.17% from the day’s opening price and down 3.80% from the week’s opening price In the forex online market the EUR/JPY tumbled to a low of 119.935. The pair closed at 120.170, down 2.13% from the day’s opening. The Euro continued to fall against the Yen, touching on a low of 119.481 in this morning’s trading session.

President Jean- Claude Trichet will be fighting for the credibility of the ECB as well as the Euro today as he faces questions over the institution's decision to throw away collateral rules for Greek debt. On Tuesday, Trichet altered the rules for the second time in a month to guarantee the ECB will keep accepting Greek government bonds as collateral for loans even though they had been downgraded to junk status. This move comes in a direct contradiction to the declaration made earlier this year by Trichet that the central bank would not alter its collateral rules for the benefit of a single country.

According to economists the central bank may have to extend that to other nations, renew a program of lending unlimited cash to banks for a year, and even start buying government debt if the €110 billion- ($146 billion) bailout plan for Greece fails to stop the euro’s slide. The ECB decision raises tough questions that will make Trichet's monthly news conference "more than difficult," wrote economists at BNP Paribas.

Today, the ECB will announce its minimum bid rate decision – the central bank is expected to hold its key interest rate at its current record low level of 1.0%.

The Euro's weakness helped the dollar index hold on to its impressive gains this week. The index was up at 84.11, not far from a one-year high of 84.31 hit earlier in the session. The U.S Dollar got a boost from data showing U.S. private sector employers added 32,000 jobs last month, bolstering the view that U.S. interest rates will likely rise from record lows well before action on rates in the euro zone.

Companies in the U.S. added workers in April for a third month, according to data based on private payrolls. Data from the ADP Employer Service yesterday reported an increase of 32,000, following a revised 19,000 gain the prior month. The ADP figures were forecast to show a gain of 30,000 jobs. According to economists’ estimations, Friday’s highly anticipated Non-Farm Payrolls are predicted to show another month of strong gains – 197K. Last month, the NFP finally re-entered positive territory and recorded an increase of 162K in the number of employed.

Service industries in the U.S. expanded in April at the same pace as the prior month, indicating factories will drive any pickup in the economy. The Institute for Supply Management’s index of non- manufacturing businesses, which make up almost 90 percent of the economy, held at an almost four-year high of 55.4 for a second month. Readings above 50 signal expansion.

Going into its election, the British currency traded near a nine- month high against the Euro, touching on 84.77 pence per euro yesterday afternoon. The GBP rose as the latest UK election polls pointed to a likely victory for the Conservative Party and in reaction to report of strong UK construction PMI and rising retail price inflation.

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Improvement in diversified sectors of market is full on in major economies

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This afternoon, the ADP Non-Farm Employment Change will be released. Economists predict that the ADP will show that companies hired 29,000 workers last month, a substantial improvement over a 23,000 decline in March. This ADP figure is widely considered a predictive index for Friday’s high anticipated Non-Farm payrolls. Later in the US, The Institute for Supply Management Non-Manufacturing PMI measuring the Level of a diffusion index based on surveyed purchasing managers, excluding the manufacturing industry is expected to rise from 55.4 points to 56.2- another positive indicator for the U.S. market.

Yesterday, the U.S Dollar received a boost as reports showed an unexpected increase in both the housing and manufacturing sectors. A report, showing that more Americans signed contracts in March to buy previously owned homes before the expiration of a tax credit, has helped support the housing market. According the National Association of Realtors pending home sales increased an unexpected 5.3%, after rising 8.3% in February. The housing market, which triggered the worst recession since the Great Depression, has received a boost from a tax incentive of as much as $8,000 for buyers who signed the contracts by the end of April. Job gains are needed to help sustain demand and limit foreclosures in the absence of government aid, broadening the economic recovery.

Meanwhile orders placed with U.S. factories unexpectedly rose in March, propelled by demand for business equipment and petroleum, signaling the economic expansion gained speed at the end of the first quarter. The 1.3% increase in bookings matched the prior month’s gain, which was more than twice as large as previously estimated, the Commerce Department yesterday. Sales rose 2.2%, the most since November 2007.

In The U.K. the pound strengthened against its most-active counterparts as polls show David Cameron’s Conservative Party may come closest to winning tomorrow’s election. Yesterday in the forex online market the GBP/USD hit $1.51047, its lowest level since March 31st. The pair lost 0.79% yesterday to close at 1.52472, but has managed to rebound in this morning’s trading session to touch on a high of 1.51640.

The U.K.'s manufacturing sector expanded at the fastest pace in 15-and-a-half years in April, boosted by a record high level of new export orders due to continuing sterling weakness, data showed yesterday. Markit and the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply reported that the PMI for the manufacturing rose to 58.0 from March's revised 57.3. Later today, the Markit will release the construction PMI. Last month, the construction sector posted unexpected figure of 53.1 - a jump above the all-important 50 point mark. Analysts expected that this construction figure to stay constant, increasing slightly to 53.5.

In Australia, home-building approvals rose in March at the fastest pace since 2002, a sign that housing demand hasn’t been damped by the central bank’s world- leading round of interest-rate increases. According the Bureau of Statistics the number of permits granted to build or renovate houses and apartments rose 15.3 %from February, when it previously dropped a revised 2.7%.
Yesterday, the RBA opted to increase the benchmark lending rate for the sixth time in seven meetings, pushing borrowing costs to what Governor Glenn Stevens referred to as “average” levels. The moves are partly aimed at preventing a property bubble after housing prices surged 20% in the 12 months through March. According to economists, this report is encouraging as it is a leading indicator for employment, particularly for workers in the construction industry.
After plunging 1.88% against the greenback yesterday, to close at 0.90930USD, the Aussie rose slightly this morning, toughing on a high of 0.91167USD.

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