The Swine Flu Virus Spread, The Mexican Peso at the Heart of this Epidemic

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Finally, something to take our minds off of the economic crisis and all that goes with it, a health crisis - or pandemic as they are calling it. Yesterday, the World Health Organization upgraded the threat to a 4 on a scale of 1-6, 6 being global - out of control - rampant infection. But the crisis is affecting more than just border crossings - it is contributing to the downfall of some of the worlds most fragile economies, the emerging markets.

As news of the Swine Flu virus spread, the Mexican Peso, the currency at the heart of this epidemic, fell over 5% to the US Dollar and similarly to many other majors. This is just another blow that the Mexican economy has endured and it threatens to collapse the country's economic system. Although it is a small market, online Forex traders should be keeping an eye out for this, as what happens south of the US will no doubt affect the US.

Meanwhile, traders in the Euro were given another treat of two Central Bank members holding arguments with each other through the media. The disagreement came when Nout Wellink said the rate cut should go further than 25 basis points and Alex Weber said it should not - very exciting news. But, as online Forex pros, you should know that it was all a staged event to distract from the real concerns, whether or not the stimulus that the ECB will unveil next week will be enough to please the street and help the economy.

With the Taliban about to take control over the nukes in Pakistan, the Flu set to overload the healthcare systems of the world and China calling for a new reserve - the EU should lighten up and not be so tightfisted with the money they spend. You only live once they say.


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