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Monday, June 15, 2009

In January of last year, specifically the 15th of the month, I wrote about the fate of the carmakers in the US. Specifically, I spoke about the urgent need to let them fail – to not prop them up and create a situation in which they are “owned” by the government.

The fact that no one listened to me is not important here, but what is, is that the policies of the government in Washington, highlighted by the announcement of a car Czar whose job it is to oversee the auto industry in the US, not to mention a pay Czar who is tasked with ensuring companies do not overpay executives, have planted the seeds for the demise of the capitalistic society that created enormous growth and wealth in the world.

There is something that has bothered me about the American people and the American economy as of late. With all the money being spent by the government, one has to ask where it’s all coming from. And aside from a few news mediums and some conservative commentators who would attack any decision and so can be labeled as partisan, no one is doing it.

The fact is that all this money that is being printed and all the oversight jobs being created to regulate industry is not good for the long term prospects of the currency.

Put an exclamation point on that: free markets should be free. It should not be the government which intervenes to save the world from corporate disasters. Helping citizens is one thing, providing food or housing needs is important – but handing over billions of dollars to companies in the name of helping citizenry is a legal form of robbery, and will have enormous impact on the value of the all mighty Dollar.

The nature of a free market is that it can live and die by its own hands – as it can by the success of a competitor or the failings of its own products – these companies, especially the Automakers, lived large and fast and I believe they should be allowed to crash.

Doing what we can to save them will only affect the long term prospects of the country’s standing. Online Forex traders know this to be true, as last week they killed the dollar – and all the data coming out that says that the US is on a recovery path means nothing, because it’s becoming more apparent that what is being shown is what they want us to see.

Online Forex blogs this weekend were littered with talk about the value of the Dollar. With yields going up, mortgages are expensive – with gas going up, energy is expensive – people need to save in order to pay their core bills.

Watch the retail numbers this week and you will see what I mean. And watch the Forex, EUR/USD and USD/JPY specifically – the decisions Obama is making will come to haunt them and I believe that this process started last week.


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