China has already Canceled America's Credit Card

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Chinese are making moves to dismantle the Dollars standing, in an article in the Wall Street Journal this weekend, it was revealed that “China has already canceled America's credit card” as a US senator put it.

As China is the leader in US debt holdings, 800 Billion Dollars worth of bonds and another 2 Trillion in Treasury Notes and Bills, it seems as if China’s concern over rampant US spending has taken its toll on the way China conducts business. Last month I told you in Forex Online land that China was beginning to amass large reserves of Copper and Aluminum. With a building sector down to near zero production right now, I am sure they are not stockpiling these metals for the future. They are converting their cold hard American debt to tangible assets.

The problem has gotten so bad that the US Federal Reserve has been compensating for the lack of interest in Treasury Bonds, Bills and Notes, by buying it themselves. It’s not even paying your MasterCard with your Visa, its paying one MasterCard with another MasterCard and it is going to get the US in trouble.

Anyway, for the week ahead my Forex trading friends, look for the European Central Bank meeting – nothing exciting will come of it as nothing ever does, but it has been hyped for some time. Also, look for Thursday when the US Treasury releases the results of the over talked about stress tests on banks . Tomorrow I will talk about why the US messed up by having them in the first place. Also, watch the markets flip flop as President Obama announces his new plan for Wall Street – I guarantee you they won’t like it.

Trade well people.


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