Dollar retreats again on good corporate news, Euro reverses after German data

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The Dollar slid on Tuesday in very up and down trading against most currencies, after US Investment Bank, Goldman Sachs, reported better than expected earnings and US retail sales surpassed expectations.

This raised hopes for an economic recovery and continued the risk appetite rally that began on Monday. Retail sales rose by .6% after it was expected that a rise of .2% would prevail.

Goldman Sachs, which is one of the most prestigious institutions on Wall Street, was the recipient of nearly 20 Billion Dollars of federal money in December, after posting their worst losses on record. They have since paid back the federal money and still managed to squeak out a profit in the second quarter.

At 10:00PM GMT, the US Dollar was down .35% to the British Pound to 1.6274, down 1.03% to the Canadian Dollar to 1.1385, down .63% to the Australian Dollar to .788 and down .32% to the New Zealand Dollar to .6342. The Dollar did rise .7% to the Swiss Franc to 1.0911.


In a switch from Monday’s Forex trading session, the euro fell on Tuesday as a result of less than spectacular data out of Germany.

The German think-tank, ZEW, came out with their first drop in consumer sentiment in nine months. Monday the Euro responded well to comments from the European Central Bank President, Jean-Claude Trichet, who eluded to a recovery later this year.

At 11:50PM GMT, the Euro was down .8% to the US Dollar to 1.3936, up .1% to the Yen to 130.17, down .65% to the British Pound to .8556, down 1.55 to the Canadian Dollar to 1.5834, and down 1.1% to the Australian Dollar to 1.7647. The Euro did rise against the Franc to 1.5205.


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