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Thursday, March 19, 2009


The Euro had an up day against the Dollar and Pound in advance of the US Federal Reserve’s decision on interest rates and in response to poor unemployment data coming out of Great Britain. In what could signal a change in sentiment the European equity markets have been doing better and the fortunes of the Euro have appeared to reverse.

At 5PM GMT, the Euro was trading above the psychological $1.30 mark against the USD at 1.3151; the Euro was also up strong against the British Pound to .9389 a 1.3% rise. The Euro also rose more than ½% to the Canadian Dollar to 1.6637, up ¼ to the Yen to 128.65 and up over1% to the Australian Dollar to 1.987.


The amount of unemployed in England rose at the fastest pace ever to a pre 1997 level of over 2 million. The numbers indicated that manufacturing jobs are being lost at alarming pace, sparking fears of an export slowdown. The British government’s assertion that a lower pound will support the export/manufacturing industry is being dismissed by investors that believe that only an increase in overseas demand can help the industry. Wednesday’s numbers have given credibility to this argument as Britons working in manufacturing, the staple of the export industry, have lost their jobs that at any other point since they began recording this data.

At 5:15 GMT, the Pound was down over 1/3% to the US Dollar to 1.3997, down ¼% tot the Aussie to 2.1153, down almost 2% to the Swiss Franc to 1.6283 and down 1% exactly to the Japanese Yen to 136.96.


Fallout from the Bank of Japan’s non-move on interest rates late Tuesday was muted as the aggressive moves of other Central Banks, notably the UK and Switzerland seemed to take precedence. The Yen slowed its decent, but still was weak in Wednesdays trading session even after the BOJ declared that they will be buying Japanese Government Bonds – which are now perceived to be a non-move considering that none of other major countries are buying Japanese Debt and the BOJ buying debt of their own country is considered to be a wash.

The Yen rose ¾% to the Dollar to 97.87, rose more than 1% to the Australian Dollar to 64.56, rose .8% to the New Zealand Dollar to 51.85 and fell ¾% to the Swiss Franc to 83.97 on top of its losses to the Euro and gains against the Pound mentioned above.

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