President Obama signed PORK!

Friday, March 13, 2009

The problem with the world is not that there is an economic crisis, it is that the politicians who are “trying” to deal with it are just making things worse. When US President Obama was candidate Obama, he promised the US people that he would eliminate excess spending, known to all as Pork. Well, after three enormous bailout bills filled with this Pork passed through the US congress, President Obama signed them – saying things arrogantly like “it’s a stimulus bill, what do think we do in a stimulus bill, spend” to justify the frivolous dollars that were spent. Yet yesterday was the clearest sign that this young, charming, good-looking man has no experience as CEO and limited experience in politics. Prior to signing a new 410 Billion Dollar spending bill filled with 8500+ frivolous spending items (pork), he lectured the press about how earmarks (pork) are bad and how it was shameful that congress needed to continue this policy of adding items to a budget that have no place in a budget in times of a crisis the magnitude of which the world is facing.

He then went into a closed room and signed the bill – with no cameras present.

Forex traders took it out on the dollar yesterday as people are starting to worry about where all this money is coming from. The US printing presses are on overdrive trying to make enough money to meet the demands of this Presidency which is already responsible for close to three trillion dollars of spending – more than the GDP of most major countries – and he is not even past his first 100 days.

Sure, all this spending might help the economy in the short term – how can an infusion of so much money not start an economy. But he is sealing the fate of the global economy for the next ten years as interest rates will soar and taxes will be raised in an attempt to pay for all this. Forex brokers have it right, sell the dollar because inflation will kick in and then the devaluation will begin. Get out while you can – before the carnage on Forex street really begins.

Look for Online Forex traders and blogs to begin trying to find a new favorite. Perhaps the Australian Dollar as I have been touting for months. It has done quite well – the yields are high and the potential for growth is great. Keep watching the Aussie – and don’t say I did not tell you so.


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