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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Forex online market has shown a moderate growth with low inflation rate in this whole week. Yes, we have seen some growth in the market but it is not at all as anticipated by the government. There was a gain noticed in the private sector jobs but this will impacts the public sector to deficit. This week is not at all good for the USD currency as the last week although this benefits the EURO currency as it goes high in this week and shocked the investors who are thinking that the euro zone countries will remain in loss. The Japan economic recovery also benefits the Global economy as it was predicted after reaching to 4.8 percent in the Q4 but it remains to only 3.9 percent GDP growth in first quarter of year 2010.

Today, we can say about US and European countries that policymakers are expecting more for both the countries but due o low inflation rate to maintain a new economic structure is still difficult. As in this week we have seen that job growth is still in the state of non-existent and credit growth is also moderate while there is a fall is shown in housing recovery. In terms of economy there are two factors that leads to inflation are the fall in building permits along with the housing income growth is also limited. The intermediate goods have shown growth of 5.6 percent as compared from the past year. Due to improving Global demand there was a hike in prices of commodities is shown. However it can be said that Asian market is well stabilized instead the Europe has shown the instability in their economy and captures the attention of the investors.

There was a positive outcome shown in the Japan's economy since the fourth quarter of past year and the expectations of investors becomes high but in the current year the GDP growth is only 3.9 percent only despite the fact that that the experts after seeing growth in q4 was expecting a high rate in GDP. But it can be said that about the economy of Japan that there was a growth rate shown in the exports and Japan's government is now making plans to invest more capital for buying latest equipments to improve the outcomes from the manufacturing companies. It was predicted about the Japan's economy that it will be accelerated to nearly 3.4 percent before getting in the pause state of 1.8 percent in the year 2011. Taiwan's economy rate added further heft in the strong Asian economy by leading to 13.27 percent high from the past year's growth. It can be said that the Asian market will lead to be a good base for the Global economic recovery this year.

Now about the US market which leads to hike results in euro currency deficits. The rise of USD dumps the prices of commodities and equities in US. There was a second largest inflow is shown in the US financial assets as the foreign investors invested their $ 100 in buying treasury securities in the month of March. It was fore-casted about the Treasury that it will be at low of 4 percent at the year's end. Since beyond the major problems in US financial conditions there will be a return game is played after the investment. The main driving factor that leads to the US dollars to high is the drop down of EURO currency. It can be predicted that the Fed government can take measures to increment the fund rates in this year.

Now looking ahead for the next week forex session it can be said that the inference of number of financial data's that are released yesterday will lead some instability in the market. Since EU finance ministers are set to meet yesterday for discussing about the euro zone countries financial matter and economic recovery measures. German Finance minster has presented a plan that include the measures taken for budget cuts and also the cost cutting along with the penalties for the countries that not follow rules and regulations. BOJ has decided to unchanged their interest rate that is to be 0.1 percent after seeing the GDP growth rate of Japan. Dollar index is seen to be snugged at the short term rate of 87.6. There was a high shown in EUR/CHF after the gain of EURO currency from 1.2150 to 1.2644 points. The coming week mainly focuses on German info, UK public sector current borrowing and lastly the euro zone PMI's.

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