Investors expectation surging, market responses have some other plans

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"A man could bring the horse to the water, but he cannot make him drink"- same is the case with the Greece crisis. The European Monetary Union Ministers are providing support to the Greece by offering the rescue package but it is only a temporary relief.

The actual work of raising the economy can only possibly be done by Greece Government itself. They have to make better financial plans from before, it needs a lot of effort to be put in making workable plans.

Market aspirants are very much concerned about the fiscal outlook for Europe. The EURO rebounds from Monday's high at $ 1.31 from the falling point below $ 1.27. The investors remains worried about whether weaker EURO economy can provide cost cuttings and increase in tax payments to manage their fiscal houses in order.

Market investors are still expecting a high of touching $ 1.15 by the Q3 from the EURO regardless of the last week's fall of EURO to $ 1.2510. It is still down by 0.4 percent after trading at $ 1.2732 in the forex online market.

The major currency that stands out against the US session was Sterling. The Euro fells around 1.2 percent to 85.05 against the sterling. The US Dollar touches a high of 0.3 percent to 92.99 against YEN. The Euro shows a fall of 0.7 percent against the 118.45 YEN.

The chief Forex strategist Shaun Osborne said that- the rescue aid package to Greece is just a way of delaying the inevitable not the cure to the disease. The currency strategist at Standard Chartered Bank in New York, Mike Moran had presented their opinion about the fiscal outlook of Europe. He also specifies clearly about the near term outlook that is one of the ephectic term for the EURO currency.

The market focus shifts back to the debt problem of Greece and the halted aid package in euro zone. It may be assumed that the debt problem may increase in recent weeks since, the investors are focusing their attention towards the currency borrowing for other countries facing same problem such as Portugal, Spain and Ireland.

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