Spain could not spoil the hope - Stocks and Euro are less affected in the storm

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yesterday a low was seen in the EURO currency due to the news that Bank of Spain is now lead by the government reconstruction funds. This makes the euro to tumble down after hitting the high of $ 1.25. Since we have seen some earlier gain in the euro currency. There is rebound shown in the DOW after getting low in the morning it reaches to 11000 level so early. The Gold also gets rebounds and reaches to 1190 level where as crude oil is still below the 70 level. In US home sales annualized rate turns to 5.77 level as it rises more than expected but the economic data results in some downside in the Forex online market. But, it can be said that the EURO loss is limited that is the currency pair EUR/USD is selling above 1.23 level.

Despite the announcement of GBP 6 billion spending cutting the Sterling currency is trading in mixed range. This includes the budget cost cutting along with the freezing of public sector services and civil services recruitment, cost cutting on expenses of technology, advertising and travel. The Chancellor Osborne said that- the 500 million pounds cost cutting will results in number of useful projects growth. It can be predicted that this year the savings will contribute to the cost cutting deficit. In overnight trading it is seen that the Stock market also results in a low although it is standing straight within 3 months dollar OIS spread results in 25 basis point after nine months high.

There is a sharp low line graph is seen in the chart of the currency pair EUR/AUD and reaches to a rift of 1.49 level. There is drop-down shown at the level of 1.5455 which is said as a correction and there is a also a strong support anticipated from 55 days of EMA to remain in the downside trend. It was anticipated that there will be a rise seen towards 50 percent retraced at 1.6013. Canadian Dollar is on recovery side today but crude oil is still breaching at below level 70. There is a consolidation shown by USD and Japanese Yen versus major currencies since stabilization is shown by currencies risk sentiments. USD/CAD's currency pair drop-down to 1.078 level that ultimately helps the Canadian dollar to sell-off in the downside. AUD/CAD currency pair is also shows drop-down although it is supporting Loonie in general terms. GBP/CAd is still trading below the medium trend falling trend line and 55 days of EMA.

There is a rise in the opening session of Forex in European stocks today. The stocks high will provide support to risks which will lead to forex market consolidations. We hear the news of the BoC market that it will announce the interest rate hike on first June as anticipated by the market. Now it can be said about the currencies growth rate is mainly dependent on the Boc hike. CAD/JPY is still weak although it recovers from the past week's sharp fall. The currency pair is still in the bearish trend even though the market holds a 86.26 minor resistance. In USD chart it is seen that some support is seen around 55 EMA in four hours. There was a break out shown by the currency pair EUR/GBP at 0.8618 level. If it break of at 0.8427 level then it will confirm the decline resumption.

In Asia there is a fall is shown in the EURO currency tumbles down to 1.2385 from 1.2370 level. This is due to the move in Bank of Spain also some austerity programs supported that has been launched in order to provide support to weaker euro zone's member countries to get recover from the debt crisis. There was a big fall in EURO currency pair that is EUR/JPY is shown that is of 110.10 points. AUD/JPY falls to 73.50 from the 74 level and also a drop down shown in the USD/JPY to 90 level.

Overall it can be said that market is still in the consolidation state and there is a risk shown in the Dollar and Yen sell-off. The euro fall is limited to some extent as predicted in the Forex market. Due to solid economic data out in the US the Dollar gets the safe side flow and there is a dynamic move shown by the Gold in Asian market. These are all the latest update about the Forex market till now.

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