Forex trends coiffure after yesterday’s EU statement

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Overall, the forex online market would likely to have a mixed trend reaction with Asian market still displaying green signal for investors to sell off their investment and earn the profits as market has moved to such a bounce after experiencing the decline in the trends for more than a week.

The currency pair of EUR/USD had shown decline of 0.51% with 1.27 22/24 trading range having highs at 1.2803 and lows at 1.2703, even though yesterday’s announcement of package displayed a sharp bounce in the EUR trades and hopes are at peak today’s session opening crashed out.

At international market inflation rate in China has engorged up on the exceeding of bank lending rates whereas the property prices had a record soar puffing up the government neck to raise the rates of interest so that currency can experience admirable trades.

Chinese officials need to think about the increasing inflationary force and should take care to put off the excessive profits and hiking up of prices under control and because due to the aid package announcement from Europe further slouch at forex trading platform would not take place in recent times. The increment in the property prices put false the speculation of the experts about the financial status in the last month.

Coming back to the currency pair of GBP/USD same negative trend with -0.31% decline having traded at 1.48 08/10 trade range having highs of 1.48742 and lows of 1.4772. Seeing the trade ranges and the moves of the market there is nothing-satisfactory conclusion to arrive at for deciding the further trade decisions.

Other pair of USD/JPY is trading with slightly bearish trend and trading at 92 level with deviations of around 92.72/73 having the difference of -0.66% trade and the highs at 93.39 while the lows at 92.54.

Lastly, pair of USD/CHF taking break from the negative trending and is greening at the forex online market at the level of 1.11 06/09 and 0.08% having the highs of 1.113 and the lows of 1.107 and trending with slightly bearish trends.

Lets see what else today’s forex trading platform has in its bag for the investors, whether their speculation would hold true or once again get fell down at the floor.

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